MAGKWENTO: The Philippine Anglophone Literature List is maintained by Alden Sajor Marte-Wood. He lives in Houston, TX and is an assistant professor of English at Rice University. His research focuses on Philippine Anglophone literatures, Marxist literary criticism, social reproduction theory, diaspora studies, postcolonial theory, transnational political economy, and Southeast Asian/American studies. His current book project,”Philippine Reproductive Fictions: Culture and its Gendered Divisions of Labor,” establishes a longue durée continuity between martial law-era crises of social reproduction, the state-sponsored export of care work, the contemporary outsourcing of digital intimacy, and Philippine literary and cinematic forms. His writing has appeared in Post45, The Routledge Companion to Literature and Economics, Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities, and The Bloomsbury Handbook of Literary and Cultural Theory.

His most recent essay, “Philippine Reproductive Fiction and Crises of Social Reproduction,” can be found here.

MAGKWENTO is a labor of love meant to help call attention to the amazing archives of Pilipinx American literature and Philippine literature in English. If you feel there is a missing writer that should be on the list, an error that needs to be fixed, or simply want to say hello, please email: asmw(at)rice.edu